Beyond Hijab & Fashion: There is Always a Person Behind The Fabric.

Written by: A.Nasim

For a lot of us, buying the right hijab is key to reflecting who we are as a person. Most of the time, we can consider ourselves lucky if we manage to find the right color from a random shop. However, what if we told you that buying your hijab can now become a wonderful experience, one that is customized to your needs and your culture? Shaza's is one such rapidly growing business, committed to providing each customer that walks through its door the most delightful experience as they rummage through the wide collection of head-wraps to find the one they want; the right color, material, shape, size and even assistance in wearing it in the best style possible. Enter her store, and she will be there; to greet you, to listen attentively to you, to connect with you and give you the best hijab-buying experience you can imagine.

Shaza, a mother of five, started practicing wrapping hijabs in different styles on mannequins at nights after her kids went to sleep. She sold her first hijab from her home on the 29th of May 2007. Her customer loved it and spread the word. More people came to her house and her business grew. Word-of-mouth led to Shaza developing a rapidly growing consumer base, so much so, that she then had to open up her own store in 2010. It was a quarter in size of her store today, but it was a good beginning for a rising star.

Shaza made it a point to learn how women from different countries wear their hijabs; what materials they like, what styles of wrapping they prefer. This allowed her to ensure that she could cater in the most customized manner to women from a number of different backgrounds.

In 2014, Shaza had her first fashion show, with models from different countries showcasing her hijabs in styles representative of their cultures. She sold out 600 tickets. She did two more shows after that and saw great success.

Today, clients from as far as Virginia and parts of Canada are willing to travel to shop at her brick and mortar store in Dearborn Heights, MI. Many have been willing to fly her to their events such as weddings to have her style their wrap on their momentous occasion. Shaza now has an exclusive partnership with Khashka in America and one with a Dubai-based modest fashion company that is geared towards empowering women, making fashion-forward choices without having to compromise on their faith.

With her business growing rapidly, Shaza hasn't forgotten to give back to the community that has given her so much.. She has participated in a number of charity events, donated scarves, provided girls with school uniforms and worked with chemo patients and non muslims, advising them on head-wrap styles most suited to them.

After all the success her store has seen, Shaza is now planning to enter the online market and spread her care, her focus, her belief in the ability of a woman to do anything she wills as reflected in her own life-story. You may not see Shaza any time you buy her scarf online but know that your feedback matters, drives her and know that she believes in each and every one of those women, who are young struggling students, wives and mothers, wearing hijabs and daring to dream.