Celebrating the Things That Make Us Unique. Being You Makes You Beautiful.

Confidence is something that nearly all women want but few have. A recent study revealed that only 36 percent of women feel confident about speaking up during meetings in the workplace, and only 35 percent of women feel confident about pursuing their passions.

Do you feel that a lack of confidence is holding you back in business or in life in general? If so, one of the most important and impactful things you can do is to start accepting yourself as you are.

Being yourself and celebrating what makes you unique really is one of the most beautiful things you can do. It’s not always easy to embrace our differences, though. Here are some tips that can help:

Treat Yourself Like a Friend

Think about the way you tend to talk to yourself. If you’re like most women, you probably spend more time criticizing yourself than you do complimenting yourself.

Would you ever talk to a friend, or even a random stranger, the way you talk to yourself? Probably not.

So, start changing the conversation. When you catch yourself being overly critical or trying to cover up what makes you unique, notice what you’re doing and try to change it.

At first, it might be difficult. The more you do it, though, the sooner it’ll become habitual. You have to retrain your brain to start celebrating the things that make you yourself instead of trying to change or hide them.

Stop Comparing

It’s hard to feel good about yourself and proud of what makes you unique when you’re always comparing yourself to others.

Instead of focusing on what other women are doing, how they look, or any other aspect of their lives, think more about making yourself better. You can’t control other people and the way they show up in the world, but you can put in an effort to embrace your great qualities and be a better version of yourself. 

Accept Compliments

It’s common for people, especially women, to reject compliments. When someone tells us we look nice or that we’ve done a good job on a project at work, we shrug it off, or we might even deny it altogether (“I love your hair today, Mary” -- “No, it looks terrible, I was in a hurry this morning”).

Instead of doing this, try simply smiling and saying “thank you.” It’s not arrogant to accept a compliment. It’s a sign of confidence, though, and it may help you to start noticing positive aspects of yourself that you may not have noticed in the past.

Spend Time with the Right People

Spending time with empowering, positive people can make it easier for you to feel more positively about yourself and embrace your uniqueness.

When you surround yourself with others, especially women, who lift each other up and celebrate each other’s strengths rather than comparing and tearing each other down, you’ll feel better about showing off the characteristics that make you different (and make you beautiful and one-of-a-kind).

Develop Your Strengths

Finally, spend time pursuing your interests and developing your strengths.

It’s easier to take pride in and celebrate the things that make you unique -- whether it’s a talent for sewing, an eye for fashion, a knack for business, or anything in between -- when you’re actively working to improve or enhance them.

When you’re a busy wife and mother, it might seem impossible to dedicate time to improving yourself. Do your best to block off some space on your calendar on a regular basis that’s dedicated to developing your strengths, though.

When you take time to make yourself better, you’ll be able to show up in new and powerful ways for everyone in your life, including your family.

Start Celebrating Your Unique Qualities Today

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can embrace your uniqueness and start feeling more confident. Try these tips today and, with practice, you’ll find that celebrating your unique qualities and being yourself feels pretty great.