Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a simple word. But it is an empowering attitude to life. Those who succeed in making it their habit to be grateful for the things they have, will vouch for the transformative powers of gratitude.

As Muslims, we all know the emphasis our religion puts on being grateful for what we have. Countless supplications throughout the day for tasks as simple as drinking water are meant to remind us of the blessings we have and the thanks we should give to God for it. Not only are we suppose to feel gratitude and express it but we need to show it through our actions such as practicing our religion, giving-with humility- of what we have to those less fortunate and doing justice with the responsibilities we have been tasked with.

However, gratitude isn't revered by Muslims alone. It is something valued by religions and societies all over the world. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that being able count your blessings and feel thankful for them can turn you into a force of nature. He who has the ability to always be grateful, has the ability to see the positive in any situation. Such a person will see every difficulty in life as a challenge to learn and grow from as opposed to seeing it as an obstacle meant to hold you back. People with gratitude remember to be grateful for such simple things in life that it helps them develop resilience in the face of failure and if, after all their efforts, they fail, it is the gratefulness for all the good things they have that gives them the strength to accept and move on.

At Shaza, gratitude is at the heart of our business. We are ever-cognizant of how far God has brought us in our journey. This is why even today, Shaza gives the same attention, care and respect to each customer at her shop as she did the very first time in 2007 when she sold her first scarf from her home and laid the foundation for Shaza Fashion for what it is today. At Shaza Fashion, we have a simple philosophy: we have been blessed to be given the love and trust of our customers and it is of essence that we do justice with our responsibility of delivering the service our customers expect from us. In fact, we focus on going above and beyond expectation by constantly learning from our experiences and customizing our services to better cater to each customer's need.

Shaza, however, also believes in giving back to the community at large. Whether it is helping collect donations or providing free head-wrap consults to chemo patients, Shaza has strived to remain actively involved. For her, this is a very personal means of expressing gratitude to God for all that He Has Blessed her with.

We live in a world where it feels like everyone is in a race. Children are in a race to outperform each other in academia and elsewhere; parents are in the race to outdo each other in parenting and professionals are in a race to get rich and successful as quickly as possible.

When the focus is always on what has to achieved, it is easy to lose sight of what you already have. which can only breed misery. This is why it is of particular importance to practice gratitude often. One way is to set out a portion of time each day for introspection. Sit by yourself, clear your mind and ask yourself 'what am I grateful for today?' Another way is to spend time with those less fortunate than you. Whether volunteering or simply connecting with someone in your community going through a rough patch, this is bound to give you a reality-check; a reminder of all that you have to be thankful for. Finally, commit to not wishing for someone else's life. We all have our own journeys and they are uniquely suited to our abilities. To wish for the wonderful things another person has will also imply wishing for the obstacles they have in their life and we may not have the unique set of skills to deal with them. Make peace with your share in life and be confident in the knowledge that you are best equipped to live the life you have.

Whether you believe in God or just Karma, remember, ' what you sow is what you reap', Fill your life with gratitude and learn to convey that gratitude in the selfless fashion it should be expressed in. It will set off a chain of positive events in your life that will deliver you success in ways you never imagined. Shaza Fashion is a perfect example of this.