Running a Business While Running a House (of 5 Kids)

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I get questions often about how I juggle everything. How do I make sure my kids are cared for while also managing my business and taking care of my customers?

There’s not one secret approach that works well for all mompreneurs. However, I do have some experience that I’d like to share that may help you be more effective in all your different roles.

Here are some of my top tips for running my own fashion business while also running a household with five kids.

I Always Put Family First

My number one rule is that family comes first. I may be a mompreneur, but my title as “Mom” comes before everything else.

One way that I make sure to put family first is to schedule time on my calendar to spend with my kids and husband.

I block off specific chunks of time each day that is dedicated to playing and connecting with my family. That way, even on my busiest days, I know that I have some time set aside to ensure they have my undivided attention.

I Set Clear Boundaries

I also set clear boundaries when it comes to my work. In the same way that I block off time to be with my family, I also block off time when I focus solely on my work. I’m still available should an emergency arise, but my family knows that those times are meant for me to handle matters related to my fashion business. In addition to blocking off time on the calendar, I do my best to work in my office. If I go into my office to work, even if I’m just answering emails, that sends the message that I’m working and shouldn’t be disturbed. It also helps to get me in the right frame of mind to do my job.

I Focus on My Health

I know I cannot be an effective mom or business owner if my health suffers. I make my health a priority and make time to practice self-care. I eat healthfully, I exercise on a regular basis, and I never skip check-ups or other doctor’s appointments.

Self-care isn’t all about massages and manicures (although, those are nice, too). For me, it means taking care of myself and keeping my cup full so I can continue helping others in business and in life.

I Set Small Goals

Whenever I have a new task to tackle for my business, I break it down into smaller chunks. I divide the task up and set smaller deadlines for myself.

This helps it to feel more manageable, and I’m less likely to feel that I need to sacrifice family time to try and get it all done. I also feel less frazzled and am able to celebrate small victories on my way to getting the big project finished.

I Ask for Help

I’m also not afraid to ask for help. I may run my business and my household while my husband’s at work, but I don’t have to do everything alone.

I have someone babysit my kids while I’m working if my husband is unavailable, and I have no problem delegating certain aspects of my business to my virtual assistant.

I Work Smarter, Not Harder

Finally, I work smarter rather than working harder. I maximize my time and don’t waste it on things that don’t add value.

For example, I don’t spend hours scrolling social media after I put my kids to bed. I use that time to connect with my husband or to work uninterrupted.

If you do an audit of your day, you’ll likely find pockets of time that you’re not using effectively. Aim to utilize those periods so you can feel more productive.

There you have it! My top six tips for running a business and keeping up with five young kids. I hope these tips inspire you to improve the way you manage your family and business and help you to create more harmony between the two.

Lastly...I Have Fun

No matter how difficult a day can be, you can always find a way to lighten the mood with a silly joke or even a smile. I've found nothing is as contagious as "fun".